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John Maindonald: Beyond Cargo Cult Statistics (pdf file)

In an increasing variety of areas, getting it wrong brings huge dangers!


Statistical Seismology Library (SSLib)

The Statistical Seismology Library (SSLib) is a collection of earthquake hypocentral catalogues and R functions to analyse the catalogues. The analyses include graphical data displays, fitting of point process models, estimation of fractal dimensions, and routines to apply the M8 Algorithm to given datasets. The Statistical Seismology Library is written in the R Language, and consists of a number of R packages. Each package has its own Users Manual that contains documentation for all functions within that package.

Point Process  analysis package

Included as one of the SSLib packages is PtProcess. It is an R package for the fitting of time dependent point process models. It can be run independently of the other SSLib software.

Hidden Markov Models

R package for the simulation and fitting Hidden Markov Models (both discrete and continuous time).


Newmat C++ matrix manipulation library and newran random number generator library

Please see http://robertnz.net.


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