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To download a file click the entry in the column link to file. The number in the column gives the length of the file. Depending on how your Internet browser is set up and the file type either the file will be displayed or it will be downloaded to your computer.

To download PDF files to your disk, hold down the shift key when you click the link in Netscape or outer-click the link in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. For PDF files, if you don't already have a copy of the PDF reader, version 5 or later, download it from Adobe. Alternatively, in New Zealand it is usually on the CD that comes with the NetGuide magazine which you can find in your supermarket.

Windows Firefox users may find that Firefox freezes when trying to read a PDF file. Apparently Firefox has a plugin for PDF files that doesn't work. Try getting the latest version of Firefox..

Postscript files are compressed. You will need gzip to uncompress these files. Gzip will often already be loaded on a Unix or Linux computer. On a Windows PC download a version of gzip from The command for decompressing a file (in the MSDOS screen in windows) is

   gzip -d filename.gz

Under some circumstances Internet Explorer will automatically decompress the file (but won't remove the .gz from the file name).

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