Papers and reports list


year authors title abstract document type format link to file
2004 Peter Cenek & Robert Davies Crash risk relationships for improved safety management of roads abstract conference paper pdf 4 123kb  
2002 David Harte Non Asymptotic Binomial Confidence Intervals abstract note pdf 4 126 kb  
2002 Robert Davies Hypothesis testing when a parameter is present only under the alternative - linear model case abstract paper preprint pdf 4 166 kb  
2001 Martin Lally, John Randal & Peter Thomson Non-parametric volatility estimation   conference paper pdf 4 125 kb  
2001 Robert Davies Integrated processes and the discrete cosine transform abstract paper preprint pdf 4 298 kb  
2000 David Harte Estimation of higher order Renyi dimensions   conference overheads ps.gz 186 kb  
2000 David Harte Geographic display and probabilistic evaluation of the M8 algorithm   conference overheads ps.gz 256 kb  
2000 Peter Thomson Seminar abstracts   abstract list html 11 kb  
2000 Robert Davies Hardware random number generators   conference paper html 46 kb  
2000 Alistair Gray & Peter Thomson On a family of finite moving-average trend filters for the ends of series abstract paper in press pdf 4 306 kb  
2000 Tohru Ozaki & Peter Thomson A nonlinear dynamic model for multiplicative seasonal-trend decomposition abstract paper in press pdf 4 258 kb  
1999 Robert Davies Linear combination of chi-squared random variables   note html 19 kb  
1998 Peter Thomson & Tohru Ozaki Transformation & Seasonal Adjustment abstract paper preprint pdf 4 250 kb  


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