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We set up Statistics Research Associates in 1999 to meet government, science and industry needs for high-level research and professional skills in applying, understanding and developing statistical methods and models.

The founding directors were Dr Peter Thomson (previously Reader in Statistics, Victoria University Institute of Statistics and Operations Research), Dr Robert Davies (previously Director of the Applied Mathematics Division, NZ Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) and Professor David Vere-Jones (previously Professor of Statistics, Victoria University Institute of Statistics and Operations Research). David Harte (previously with Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and Victoria University) and Alistair Gray (previously with Victoria University and Statistics New Zealand) have also been appointed as directors. David Vere-Jones has now stepped down as a director and is now a Distinguished Associate of SRA. Peter Thomson has also stepped down as a director but remains an associate and an active member of the company.

All three directors (Robert Davies, Alistair Gray, David Harte) are well-known and respected in the New Zealand and international statistical communities.

Our company provides a business framework for supporting statistics research and for applying statistical methods to scientific, social and economic problems. We aim to distinguish ourselves through the high quality of our work and through our contributions to statistical research and to the statistical profession.

In addition to our own expertise we are able to contract additional specialist statistical expertise, either local or overseas, as required.

Our company registered office is at 8 Bristol Street, Island Bay, Wellington, 6023, New Zealand.

Our company registration number is 972229, date of incorporation was 26 Aug 1999.


Statistics Research Associates Limited, PO Box 12-649, Thorndon, Wellington 6144, New Zealand
phone:  + 64-4-972 6531; www: